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  • 恒吉集團 恒吉集團

    踐行綠色發展理念 打造花園式工廠

    Hengji Group Co., Ltd.

    Practise the concept of green development, build a garden-like factory


    Hengji profile

    Established in 2013, Hengji Group Co., Ltd. is headquartered in Dafu Industrial Park, Dongxiang District, Jiangxi Province. The group has jurisdiction over Hengji Group Metal Co., Ltd., Hengji Group Industrial Co., Ltd., Hengji Group Nuokang Copper Co., Ltd., Hengji Group Jienuokang Copper Co., Ltd., Hengji Group Huazhong Copper Co., Ltd., Huachang Copper Co., Ltd., Hengyunfeng Copper Co., Ltd., Shenglong Copper Co., Ltd., Huahe New Materials Co., Ltd. and other subsidiaries. The company mainly produces copper products such as oxygen-free copper wire copper rods, low-oxygen copper wire copper rods, copper rods, copper ingots, copper balls, red blanks and other copper products using scrap copper as raw materials.
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      • 205Billion

        Annual turnover

      • 2000mu

        Total area

      • 13Home

        Group subsidiary


    Promote national culture, build a century-old enterprise

    Hengji will implement a global strategy with a broad mind and a broad mind


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    Development Path

    High-speed development · Engraving pride and glory

    Provide employment opportunities for more than 1,200 disabled friends;
    Hengji Group Cable Co., Ltd. was established in March;
    May Hengji Group Industrial Co., Ltd. aluminum rod production line was officially put into production ;
    June Yongxin Shengwei New Material Co., Ltd. started construction;
    Cooperate with Zhejiang Commodities, a world top 500 enterprise
    The total sales of the group exceeded 20 billion yuan, and the tax paid was 2.12 billion yuan;
    The import value exceeded 500 million yuan;
    September Metal Co., Ltd. obtained the high-tech enterprise certificate;
    October won the "Top 20 Most Popular Brands in China's Copper Rod Industry in October"
    In March, Hengji Group Fengcheng Jienuokang Copper Co., Ltd. was established. In April of the same year, Hengji Group Shanghai Trading Co., Ltd. was established and the domestic consignee of imported raw materials was successfully registered;
    In September, Genuokang was officially put into production;
    Holding Yongxin County Shenglong Copper Co., Ltd.;
    The total output value of the year was 15.7 billion yuan, and taxes were 1.878 billion yuan;
    Awarded the annual advanced unit of safety production work award;
    August Ruijin Nuokang Copper Co., Ltd. was officially established;
    Hengyunfeng Copper Co., Ltd. was officially established in December ;
    In September, the group company started construction in Ruijin City;
    formally established in November in Hengji Group Industrial Co., Ltd.;
    Jiangxi Provincial People’s Government awarded 2013-2015 Jiangxi Industrial Strong Enterprise;
    The group became a key backbone enterprise in Jiangxi Province, paying taxes Ranked first in Fuzhou;
    Passed ISO9001:2015 quality system certification;
    Formation of Hengji Group;
    In August, Fuzhou Huahe New Material Co., Ltd. was established;
    Jiangxi Hengji Copper Co., Ltd. was established;
    The company has become a key backbone enterprise in Dongxiang District;
    Hengji’s first company, Jiangxi Dingsheng Copper Co., Ltd., was established in Dafugang Industrial Zone, Dongxiang District, Jiangxi Province;

    Organizational structure

    Hengji Group is one of the more cross-industry private enterprises in Jiangxi Province. In order to strengthen the core competitiveness of the market, the organization structure of "12 subsidiaries of a group" has been formed. With copper rods, copper wire and copper rods, copper product finishing, aluminum rods, aluminum ingots and cables as its core industries, it has expanded its business in the copper industry and other fields.
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    The company has won many awards

    Stand at a new starting point, meet new challenges, and create new achievements.

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    Corporate Philosophy

    Respect the value of employees and share development results

    Company mission: To provide first-class engineering services to the society and create a happy and beautiful life for employees;
    Company vision: domestic first-class, internationally renowned international engineering company;
    Core values: people-oriented;
    enterprise spirit: truth-seeking , Pragmatic, self-improvement, innovation;
    development concept: development for employees, development depends on employees, development results are shared by employees;
    business concept: create value with customers;
    team concept: professional, cooperation, learning , Innovation and excellence.
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