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    The Green Development Concept of "Green Water and Green Mountain is Jinshan Yinshan"

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      Energy efficient and eco friendly

      Hengji Group has invested more than RMB 60 million in environmental protection equipment procurement and advanced environmental protection technology introduction. At present, it has completed more than 25,000 square meters of green area. The company continues to introduce high-efficiency smoke and dust removal equipment and other related environmental protection facilities and the most advanced energy-saving and environmentally friendly production equipment, the use of advanced environmentally friendly and efficient production management models, and the adoption of strict environmental protection testing methods to minimize the impact of the project on the surrounding environment.
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      Social welfare

      Hengji Group is actively involved in public welfare undertakings and is enthusiastic about various public welfare activities. In response to the call of the party and the state, we actively participated in targeted poverty alleviation work, and was well received by the local government for charity relief and education.
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      Information disclosure

      Hengji Group actively undertakes social responsibilities, actively creates employment opportunities for the society, and promotes local economic development. Hengji Group has been providing employees with a healthy and safe working environment, and working hard to enrich employees' spiritual and cultural life. Hengji Group focuses on advocating positive energy concepts for employees in daily management, allowing employees to influence society and build a harmonious social atmosphere.
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